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With more than 600 pieces in sterling silver, 14k gold and two-tone to choose from, you’re certain to find one for each of your special moments in the GLAMULET range of charms.
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  • Alphabet MOM triangle Set


  • Mom Is The Best Friend


  • Pinky Rose To Best Mother


  • Encrusted openwork crown charm
    MYR181.07 MYR407.88
  • Red and blue heart openwork charm
    MYR123.39 MYR230.72
  • Bright Clear paved crystal charm
    MYR102.79 MYR263.68
  • "Love" silver and gold openwork heart charm
    MYR102.79 MYR243.08
  • Golden Butterfly Charm
    MYR119.27 MYR288.40
  • Magic lamp dangle charm
    MYR127.51 MYR292.52
  • "Dream" balloon bear dangle charm
    MYR106.91 MYR276.04
    Top Seller
  • Shiny Star Charm
    MYR131.63 MYR395.52
  • Travel The World Charm
    MYR123.39 MYR370.80
  • Four Leaf Clover in Horseshoe Rose Gold Charm
    MYR119.27 MYR329.60
  • Four Leaf Clover Rose Gold Charm
    MYR102.79 MYR247.20
  • Stars Hug the Moon Charm
    MYR123.39 MYR267.80
  • Best Mother Forever Friend Pendant
    MYR185.19 MYR412.00
  • Gift Box Charm
    MYR123.39 MYR276.04
  • Rugby Ball
    MYR119.27 MYR214.24
  • Elf
    MYR123.39 MYR222.48
  • Gold Crown Heart
    MYR106.91 MYR267.80
  • Gold Clover Heart
    MYR111.03 MYR267.80
  • Crystal Crown Heart
    MYR111.03 MYR267.80
  • Rose Gold Clover Heart
    MYR156.35 MYR267.80
  • Pleasing Duck Charm
    MYR119.27 MYR300.76
  • Camera Charm
    MYR111.03 MYR267.80
  • Memorable Charms Pink Love Heart
    MYR123.39 MYR247.20
    Top Seller
  • Gold Love Set


  • All Pink Hearts
    MYR111.03 MYR267.80
  • Sparkling Pink Heart
    MYR106.91 MYR267.80
  • Shimmering Pink Heart
    MYR176.95 MYR267.80
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