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  • Silver flower safety chain
    MYR135.75 MYR296.64
  • Starfish clip charm
    MYR106.91 MYR206.00
  • "Love" Carved Safety Chains
    MYR135.75 MYR243.08
  • Silver Flower Bouquet Safety Chains
    MYR65.88 MYR243.08
  • Jingling Bell Safety Chains
    MYR152.23 MYR271.92
  • Heart To Heart Safety Chain
    MYR152.23 MYR271.92
  • Crystal Heart Clips
    MYR102.79 MYR185.40
    sold out
  • Blossom Clips
    MYR90.43 MYR160.68
  • Flowery Clips
    MYR86.31 MYR156.56
    Top Seller
    sold out
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